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Anonymous: do you think sherlolly will ever be canon?


Short answer: Sherlolly is ALREADY canon.

Long answer: The relationship we see between Sherlock and Molly is valid and real. The experiences exchanged between these two characters have happened. The Super Sleuth Spy, crashing through the window and kissing Molly until the breath had been sucked out of her, was part of Anderson’s imagination. Nevertheless, it counts in as much as all perspectives are valid.

Consider this quote from Lindsay Faye, Bakerstreet Babes, in her Femme Friday on Mary Morstan: “One of the most canny tricks they teach actors is also a neat tip for writing fiction of all types: listening to what other characters have to say about your character can be a much better guideline and way more insightful than the things your character says about him- or her-self.”

Let’s use this example: In the case of Sherlock and Molly, Anderson informs the audience that, in his opinion, there is a mutual understanding, and depth of love shared between M/S that: A) other characters are not privy; and B) their relationship surpasses what we’ve been previously led to believe.

Anderson embellished a few details, of course, but his overall assessment was not incorrect. At the time, he was unable to prove it, but he knew Sherlock turned to Molly during a time of his greatest need. Just as he also knew Molly obliged. He is certain that their friendship goes beyond professional courtesy, and shares this knowledge with the audience as well as Greg Lestrade. This fact has been established by the writers, so what does that tell us?

Consider what other things that have been said about these two characters, or at least Molly’s place in Sherlock’s life. In A Scandal in Belgravia, Sherlock tells Irene Adler her phone is safely hidden in a bank deposit box. John Watson suggests they contact Molly Hooper to fetch it. Think about the gravity of that statement: Here is a phone that CIA operatives were/are willing to murder over, and yet the one person who is deemed worthy and reliable, according to John Watson, to retrieve said phone is Molly Hooper.

When Sherlock is found in a crack den, the first and only person John Watson turns to for immediate control over the situation is: Molly Hooper. Remember - John is also a doctor and he could have easily administered a drug screen. Especially as he has his own clinic and access to similar tests / equipment. There was no need for a ‘wiz quiz’ at St. Bart’s - a saliva swab would work just fine…especially as it hadn’t been long since Sherlock last used. That wasn’t the whole point, however. Sherlock needed management, and by taking him to see Molly, John Watson told the audience that the ONE person Sherlock would acquiesce to is Molly. Molly is able to guide and even control Sherlock in ways that no other character is capable. Not even John or Mycroft.

The moment shared between Molly and Sherlock in the below pic lasted barely two seconds - but it speaks volumes. What might we deduce about their hearts?

The relationship between these two exists, is real and canon. So, the only remaining question is What has to happen in order for it to be considered “valid” in the mind of others? Do the writers need to show them exchanging a kiss? Have sex? Outwardly acknowledge each other before their friends (and the viewing audience - even though Sherlock has done this)? Live together? Make them less ambiguous, thereby no longer open to interpretation? In other words, what makes what they currently share with one another not-enough-real that it can’t be called canon? We didn’t make this stuff up - it happened and continues to happen. It’s their ongoing history with one another.

Relationships are a journey, not a destination and, personally, I’m quite interested to see how theirs continues to unfold.

Thanks for the Ask! Mwah xo

Edited to add one more thing: Steven Moffat recently shared that for Sherlock Holmes, Sex is thinking. Sex is all about the mind. Who is the person that Sherlock *thinks* of immediately upon being shot? Who does he think of as his body is going into shock and dying? Who’s memory is he accessing? Molly. John is a doctor and also a surgeon who has an extensive background in trauma and gunshot wounds. Sherlock could easily access John, but he thinks of Molly, first, and above all others. If that doesn’t say something, I don’t know what will.